Are You Ready To Unleash The Trader Within You?

Comprehensive, practical trading psychology program to complement any trading strategy you currently use... experience your "ah-ha moment" & unleash the trader within you.

  • Understand your barriers to success and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Define, test and analyse your trading system to confirm positive edge/expectancy... this is imperative
  • Understand why 90%+ of traders fail to achieve consistent profitability... knowledge is empowering to avoid the pitfalls
  • Feel you have a great trading system but still can't achieve consistent success? Develop control over your trading business
  • Develop practical proven skills, mindset and techniques of professional traders
  • Experience your "ah-ha" trading moment and much more ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TraderWithin™ a new trading system or provide entry/exit signals?

No, TraderWithin™ is not another trading system or signal generator... there are plenty around already. TraderWithin™ is however the critical framework required to successfully implement any trading plan/system (it's not just about good entry/exit signals), and bring everything together with consistency and discipline as a professional trader does, no matter what trading methodology you use.

What if I'm a new trader?

Perfect!! As a new trader there is a lot of hype and claims of excessive profits in this industry, not to mention the tendency to swap and change strategies, systems, indicators etc the moment you feel something is not working. Often it's not the strategy or indicator but the IMPLEMENTATION of it that is the problem. If you're new to trading, TraderWithin™ will put you on the right path from the start.

I already have another training course, will this complement my existing material?

Yes, TraderWithin™ is specifically designed to COMPLEMENT any trading methodology you're currently using, therefore is perfect for new traders (get started on the right footing), existing traders trying to develop their own system, AND for those who subscribe to or follow another trading educators system. TraderWithin™ will guide you to develop the professional traders mindset, combined with practical, proven techniques of professional traders.

When will the training be available?

A confirmed release date is not yet finalized, however the program will be launched in the second quarter (Q2) of 2016. Simply enter your email address below to ensure you're on our priority notification list & therefore receive the best limited time, launch offer.

Can I buy with PayPal?

Yes, we accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.

I have trouble with issues such as getting out of trades too early, "revenge" trading, analysis paralysis etc ... will you help with these?

Absolutely! Trading psychology is a critical component of successful professional traders and therefore covered extensively in our training program. We cover a wide range of key barriers to trading success, analyzing why they are a problem with practical steps to resolve.

What format is the training provided in?

There are two options available:

  1. The TraderWithin™ training manual (instant pdf download) complete with examples, screenshots and exercises.
  2. "Complete Package" containing the TraderWithin™ training manual (as listed above), PLUS  six video "walkthroughs" of the critical concepts, and downloadable planning tools and action flowcharts.

Who has developed this program?

Stuart Young has developed the TraderWithin™ ("Unleash The Trader Within You") program and is the founder of Global Trading Tools providing premium financial market trading tools and education for traders of all levels. Stuart previously ran trade rooms with professional traders Davin Clarke and Alexander Tzavaras, and is the first to admit the difficulties he, and the vast majority of traders experience in this complex and extremely competitive industry. TraderWithin™ addresses these difficulties direct from personal experience as a trader, and from seeing firsthand, while moderating trade rooms the issues holding back the vast majority of traders.

Are you offering a launch discount?

Yes, simply enter your email below to join our priority notification list and receive the best launch discount offer!

Please join us and unleash the trader within you!

Limited Launch Discount Offer

Get On The Early Bird List To Secure Our 20% Limited Launch Discount!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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